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Katarzyna Klein


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I paint distant views of a landscape peppered with buildings. Water or valleys may divide the dwellings yet they are all connected by the echoing shapes and restful hues of my palette. A foreground detailed with wild flowers accentuates the perspective planes and graphic lines suggest paths and boundaries. I’m also inspired by my ever growing collection of vintage and contemporary ceramics and decorative objects of interest purchased from flea markets or charity shops. It’s all about colour and pattern as a language, which I try to reflect in my work.

​My Polish heritage surfaces in my work; my naive, pattern-based painting evolving from the folk art tradition. A recent exploration of the homelands of my family has inspired my latest body of work. Tracing the steps of my forebears I saw the simple wooden houses, once brightly coloured and decorated and heard stories of wolves and forests, the winter freeze and storks in Spring. These visual images now enrich my simple and almost fairy-tale landscapes and still life’s.

​I studied at St. Martin's School of Art in London and received a travel bursary to study Fine Art at the Warsaw Academy of Arts in Poland. I have worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, textile designer and FE tutor. My clients have included M&S, The Observer Magazine, Harvey Nichols, The Sunday Times, Usborne Publishing, the BBC, Liberty and Macy's.

If you would like to get in touch with or make a purchase from this artist please use the links below. All sales are direct with the artist not through Art House.

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