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Katerina Christou


Handmade decorative yet functional fused, blown, stained and cast glass to adorn the living space. Having a degree in Decorative Arts, Katerina has found a love for many materials but has specialised in glass, she now creates a wide selection of pieces including but not limited to cards, coasters, bowls, abstract wall art, coffee tables and one off statement vases. She also works to commission and bespoke corporate orders completing large scale artworks across the UK. Katerina holds one to one or small group workshops from her studio in Loughborough and also runs larger group workshops at craft centres, galleries, village halls and from customers homes. Examples of her work can be seen in person at various galleries and at exhibitions across the UK. Digitally, Katerina shares her work through Instagram, you can find her work on Instagram - @kat.christou

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If you would like to get in touch with or make a purchase from this artist please use the links below. All sales are direct with the artist not through Art House.

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