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Hannah Smith


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Hannah Silversmith hand makes contemporary designer jewellery in precious metals and gemstones. Each range is concept based, I enjoy the narrative aspects of designing, sometimes using historical influences. Nature is a constant inspiration lending my work an organic look and a tactile quality. Every piece is unique, each one is created one at a time to avoid repetition.


A recent range, Scenic, are built up from layers of textured precious metals and evoke the feel of a moody seascape, sometimes from a bird’s eye view, sometimes with birds wheeling through them with a striking sunset in different coloured golds.

I am also in the process of making a herd of Jellyfish to wear around your neck in Silver and Tourmaline.

Relic is another range I return to. These are pieces created with past technology and social needs in mind. This covers a broad subject matter which allows me to follow a more mechanical feel with the designs and jewellery.

If you would like to get in touch with or make a purchase from this artist please use the links below. All sales are direct with the artist not through Art House.

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