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Dorota Smigielska


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Dorota Smigielska was born in Poland and currently resides in England. She attended the Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, receiving an M.A in Fine Art. She creates art dolls and fine art drawings. Three of her dolls were exhibited at The Open Exhibition in Leicester and she won the 3D award at the Open 30.

Dolls can too, be a work of art like a sculpture or painting. They are created in an image of a (wo)man thus becoming the perfect vessels for human feelings, emotions or passions.   

Women are my main inspiration – extremely emotional and variable. My work began with drawings, in which women were the protagonists. Since then, my art began to evolve, exploring new forms and techniques.    

I think creating art dolls is the perfect way to express myself and my thoughts. Every doll is different and unique, sculpted from fabrics with great attention to detail. Each doll differs just as women do naturally, each body, style and personality is distinct.    

My dolls are peculiar, a bit surreal, but at the same time endowed with the element of realism - they  evoke intense emotions, from admiration to fear. Those emotions can often say more not about the creator, but the viewer. It depends on the beholder what they see in the doll.

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