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Deborah Ward


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I use my work as a self-portrait, not in a literal sense but through my experience of life i.e. that which informs me - observation, handling, encountering. 

I continue to be very much interested in object and collection; its cumulative effects with reference to animism - object as agent. Provenance is significant; we often attach importance to something in relation to its owner. 

I find ‘the everyday’ ephemera an important informant and have been likened to the ‘kitchen sink’ in that respect.

I like to observe and record my surroundings and people occupying them. Landscape works are my way of documenting places of particular significance to me.

My work is often durational, recording wear, growth, decay and renewal. For instance, changes to environment/object, self/others. I often return to a place/object/subject.

In the relationship with the material I’m using I need a degree of control, although materials have certain properties, which define them and cannot be denied/overruled. In this the material itself has an agency; the question of how and where it has existed is also of interest.

I enjoy drawing – pencil, charcoal, pastel because of the control it affords but find the properties of paint fascinating.

My experiences I hope are embedded in the work.   

If you would like to get in touch with or make a purchase from this artist please use the links below. All sales are direct with the artist not through Art House.

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