Art House The Virtual Edition - An artist's Art House story and how we got to here...
We thought you might like to know a bit about how this new website and current exhibition came about and about the artist that built it. We also hope that if you have enjoyed Art House – The Virtual Edition you will help her raise much needed funds for Smile Train UK, her chosen charity for this year.

Beccy Benedict

Flamingo Single Large.jpg

Hello everyone. I first joined Art House as an exhibiting artist in 2016 where I exhibited my abstract needle felt and mixed media sculptures at 49 Springfield Road. Some of you may have seen me during the exhibition, sat on the sofa stabbing away at sheep’s fleece with my barbed needle. I remember several conversations with intrigued visitors, most vividly a young boy of about 8 or 9 who was totally engrossed and asked many questions. I love these interactions and that is one of the beautiful things about Art House.

As a multidisciplinary artist my practice is constantly changing and amazingly Sue and Kathy have always embraced that, so each subsequent year in different houses I have shown different evolutions of my work. The way that Art House has supported me and so many other local artists for so long and the way it has evolved and grown over the years is so fantastic.

In 2019 they asked me to act as House Mother for a new venue, as Barbara, who so generously opened her stunning home for us to exhibit in, wasn’t an artist herself. I was a little nervous at coordinating the artists exhibiting together there but ultimately enjoyed it enormously. The networking and friendships that you build with other artists is another great thing about Art House, each year your household become like your little Art House family for the weekend.

It was after this event that I decided to volunteer my time to build Art House a new, and much needed, website. Our 2020 event of course had to be cancelled and when it was decided 2021 would have to be cancelled too, I suggested I build the website to act as a virtual exhibition and so…. here we are.

I really hope that this virtual Art House can put a smile on all your faces in these difficult times and remind you of what’s to come next year. My smile is something that I am known for, lucky me. It’s been known to get me what I want on many an occasion, it’s also got me into trouble a few times but that’s another story. Smiles are important for us human beings - we all smile in the same language. So, I have decided that over the next 12 months I want to do all I can to raise a substantial amount of money for Smile Train UK. This will help them to help babies, children and some adults all over the world by giving them free surgery and holistic after care on their cleft lips and palettes – meaning that they can breathe better, eat better, and of course SMILE.

So, if you would like to add to the smiles in the world please click on the link below to my fundraising page and donate what you feel this exhibition experience has been worth. Much love Beccy x