Austin Orwin


Austin has been a regular exhibitor at Art House ever since its very creation, and is currently dividing his time equally between creating both sculptures and his new found love for illustrative drawings.


His sculptures often reference modelled characterised heads but he is equally at home carving an organic form from old reclaimed blocks of stone and wood.


His hand-drawn illustrations and Home portraits are a relatively new venture, and something he's been developing over the last few years. They are made in a unique, quirky and very playful style, and have been very well received. Austin is currently taking commissions to draw Home portraits, and you can see a lot more of his drawings and make contact on Instagram

During non-lockdown term times he can sometimes be found teaching both his Sculpture and Ceramics courses, to adults of all ages, at the University of Leicester's Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester, where he's been sharing skills and techniques for over 16 years.

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