Amy Bonsor


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Amy’s practice has developed from a background in textiles and embroidery. Working from a home studio in Leicestershire, her textural, tactile pieces are inspired by a fascination with pattern, and often draw from nature. Particular inspiration is taken from macro and microscopic imagery. She can often be found on walks with a macro lens taking photos of stone walls, tree bark, lichen and moss.


Key themes run throughout the making process including repetition, transition and changing surfaces. The work often has a sense of movement, whether this is through physical manipulation of sculptural pieces or simply the way a surface changes across two-dimensions.

Amy’s current body of work transforms paper, employing fold and stitch, to create both sculptural and relief outcomes. Subtle variation and detail are incorporated through drawing, printing, hand dying or painting. ‘Units’ are carefully selected and composed to build up a form or surface. This selection and construction using hand and machine stitch are approached methodically to create gentle transitions and undulating forms.

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